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I recently sat down with Brandie, the fabulous, inspiring and all around beautiful founder of Organic Beauty Talk.

Here’s an excerpt from our all-about-organic-beauty (and organic living) chat.  You can read the whole interview on her uber educational site. 

OBT:  How long have you been using organic and natural products?
Jennifer Barckley:  My true, organic journey began seven years ago. Many famous philosophers say that we encounter a new life stage every seven years, so in my mind, it was no coincidence.

OBT:  What made you decide to start using organic and natural products?
Jennifer Barckley:  I’d been working at Jane Magazine in the beauty department—destined for a glossy career in fashion and beauty. Days were spent covered in every shade of magenta lipstick—my editorial research.  It was at that time that I began to have a shift in consciousness. I began to seek out companies, brands and products that were doing something really meaningful and good. One day a cobalt blue bottle landed in my hands. It didn’t say natural; it didn’t say organic, but somehow I knew it was very special. One sniff and touch of that product (Weleda Wild Rose Body Lotion), and I fell in love. Three months later, I was working for that company—one of the world’s oldest and leading natural skin care and medicinal companies—heading up their PR and Communications. With that, I fell deep into the world of natural, organic and Biodynamics, and there was no going back. From beauty, to food, to cleaning products, to clothing I was an outright Organic Girly.

OBT:  What are some of your favorite organic and natural products?
Jennifer Barckley:  I’m partial to European brands because they generally follow more stringent ingredient and manufacturing guidelines. Naturally, I love Weleda products. Dr. Hauschka also makes beautiful products. I use their cosmetics. Two somewhat new (to the U.S.) brands, Sante and Logona are among my new favorites. Sante makes very nice, well-pigmented makeup. From the U.S., Dr. Bronner’s is great—especially their Peppermint Castille Soap—so fresh! Pangea is another nice, clean brand. I also love Primitive’s lipsticks and glosses. I’m starting to do some work with a brand called Puremedy. They make really efficacious herbal skin care products that are deeply healing. That’s the beauty of natural products—they work so well naturally with your skin and your body for true, lasting health.

OBT:  What do you hope to accomplish through Organic Girly?
Jennifer Barckley:  I’d like to help elevate our individual and collective consciousness and help others make simple, gratifying everyday shifts toward living the most vibrant life possible.

Read the complete interview here… thank you Brandie & Organic Beauty Talk!

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